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By: Mark Munson (@markonthemove) Almost every person experiences anxiety or negative thoughts sometime in their life. Whether it's stress because of work, relationships, or just life in general, anxiety and stress can lead to prolonged negative thoughts. It is possible for the person experiencing these negative thoughts to believe that it is their fault and that is far from true. There are countless things that contribute to anxiety and a negative mindset and when in this headspace, one can feel stuck and lethargic about life. It can be hard for many to escape this feeling and can lead some people...

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By: Mark Munson (@markonthemove)   Mills Lake TrailTrail Length: 5.3-6.3 MilesTrail Type: Out & BackElevation Gain: 780 feetDifficulty: ModerateDog Friendly: NoTemperatures are warming up state wide and spring is just around the corner! Although we didn't have much precipitation throughout the winter, in the high country rivers are starting to flow and the greenery is beginning to blossom. Rocky Mountain National Park is always a great option when considering winter hikes since there is a lot of traffic through the park almost everyday, keeping the snowpack firm and easy to maneuver. Mills Lake is no exception with beautiful scenic views the entire...

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