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My Love for adventures with the furry best friends

Before you continue to read this, I’m not an English major. There will be spelling and punctuation errors. I don’t care. I take amazing photos. I’m ok with not being great at everything. That being said.... There’s something magical about having a dog. The unconditional love, the unexpected fun you have and so on. After I moved to Colorado with my beagle, I found a whole new life of outdoor adventures. Taking my pup along on the hikes I was going on with just people was the best decision. I thought he couldn't hang with me but not only could he hang, he was leading the pack! The constant look on his face was enough to get me hooked! 
He began going on all my outdoor adventures...within reason. I noticed 2 hikes in one weekend and he was too tired to move for a day. Poor guy, he is turning 9 this month! He never said no! He is always down to go outside so going forward I had to be more cautious when we planned our adventures. A year later we added another furry adventure buddy, a Siberian husky. She is the powerful beauty that completes our pack. When J, the 2 pups and me go on adventures in the mountains, these 2 amazing pups just have the time of their life and bring us along to play on their hikes. The silliness they get into. One day, we finally decided to let the husky off leash while camping, we were a little nervous she would take off but she never went more than 30 yards from us. It was a very powerful moment for me. I felt so connected to her. When we go on hikes and are able to let her off leash, the connecting grows deeper. She scouts ahead, checks for danger, and then plays in the water or snow or bushes. Silly husky. They both make me want to get outside even more than before. My love for them and the mountains have grown so much more than I could have ever imagined.
Thanks for reading, hope this inspires you to take your pup outside this spring.

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