Dream your dream.

Dream your dream.

Yeah, don't read too much into that title. I should also preference a trigger warning, if bad grammar and misused words upset you...its only going to get worse as you read. 

So here i am, sitting at my table writing a blog post thinking to myself "what the fuck are you doing" Well i guess I'm just getting some stuff out there. I know not many people will even read this(no sad face here please). Im all about photography, i wouldn't read this probably either. But you are so yay! Ready for some fun info? Here goes. A post on instagram prompted some jokes, by english majors i assume so you can assume correctly, they weren't funny. Ive said it before and will boldly repeat it here for all to see. Phil Collins wrote the perfect song for this very matter..."I don't care anymore" Ill try to watch for punctuation and spelling but personally "I don't care anymore, you hear i don't care anymore, i don't care, what you say..." So do yourself and me a favor and keep your comments to yourself. 

Now the fun news, IM STARTING A PODCAST!!!!! The Coloradotography Experience. You herd right. read right. fuck you you know i what i mean. Its time. Ive done one before and it was ok. I just didn't like the format and got bored but now i have a great idea ahead and can't wait to share it with you. It won't be live for a little bit, but i want you to know I'm deep in the preparation mode and will give you only the best. Speaking of, it won't just be me rambling to myself, by myself. I will get some awesome guests. Photographers, artists, athletes, interesting people and really anyone i want. Basically i want it to inspire so anyone that will lead us down that path. Got a suggestion? Email it to sean@coloradotography.com so for now, enjoy the photography on instagram and clothing on here. 



Much Love, 


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